Richland Bombers-Class of 1984
 20 Year Reunion

July 9th-10th,2004


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RHS '84 Reunion Donations/Sponsorship/Advertising

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Richland Accommodations


Golf Tournament: 12:00 PM - ~5:00 PM   Click Here for More Information
      West Richland Country Club
4-person scramble with (2) 2-person teams being randomly combined.
Many prizes (t-gifts and competition)
Evening Social: Taking over the lounge and deck at Shilo Inn.
No reunion associated costs - everyone's on their own for food and drinks
Picnic: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
      at Leslie Groves Park
Family-oriented activities
            Food, drink (and park reservation) included in the cost - $8.00 per person over 3 yrs old
    Evening Luau:  Start time:  6:30 PM
        at the Shilo Inn
         MC'd Entertainment
            Group commemorative picture (7:00 PM) and lots of socializing and catching up
             Cost:  $40/person

Reunion Committee and Sub-Committee:

CHAIRMAN: Co-chair Dave Strasser and Co-chair Greg Turpen 
COMMITTEE: Gary Ballew, Shannon (Chapman) Davari, Tamara (Heilman) Winters,
Anne (McCulley) Chapman, Jeff Rader, Gary Schauer,
Cathy (Sinclair) Franklin, Dave Strasser, Jeff Tucker, Greg Turpen, Zane
Turner, Dave Williamson, Denise (Nelson) Christensen

Treasurer/Secretary ~
Greg Turpen
Classmate Contacts - Lost/Missing List ~
Shannon (Chapman) Davari, Gary Schauer, others?
Registration –
Shannon (Chapman) Davari
Name tags ~
Tamara (Heilman) Winters
Communication ~
Gary Schauer, Gary Ballew & Greg Turpen
School contact -
Dave Strasser  
Website ~ Jeff Tucker
Reunion Sponsors / Donations ~
Dave Strasser
Hotel contact -
Dave Strasser

Golf ~ Zane Turner & Dave Williamson
Friday Night Social Hours ~
Dave Strasser

Picnic ~
Anne (McCulley) Chapman and Tamara (Heilman) Winters
Dinner MC ~
Decorations ~
Kristy (Spink) Rainey
Pictorial Retrospective Show ~
Gary Schauer
Reunion Memory Booklet ~
Greg Turpen
Group picture -
Anne (McCulley) Chapman
Music -
Tamara (Heilman) Winters

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