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NOTE: I have retyped each email link so when you click on it it will tell you to get rid of any spaces before using the mail. I know its not real convenient but it is one step to help try to decrease spam to your addresses. This should help at least the computerized harvestors out there that just mine sites for email addresses. -Mary (Bacon) Anderson

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Did you have to move before graduation? Want to add your email so others can find you? Or are you looking for someone from our class who had to move before senior year? Click here to see the Old Friends email page.

I would like to be added to the old friends email page.

Angela Lane
Brian Lepinski
Christopher Ciarlo (honorary)
Christy Norris Morales
Colleen Lewis passed away February 11, 2018
David McGee
David Patrick
David Stephens - Passed away May 21st 2013
Debbie Holeman
Debbie (DUFF) Peugh
Debra (SCOTT) Olson
Denise (NELSON) Christensen
Dorothy (BRODACZYNSKI) Badri
Doug Harper
Felecia Wagener
Garrett Craddock
Gary Schauer
Greg Turpen
Gy Campbell - passed away 11-2-15
Hobie (Hobert) Thompson
Jamie "Sissy" (Stull) Locke
Jeannee (Abercrombie) Johnson
Jeff Beyer
Jeff Rader
Jeff Tucker - passed away February 24th, 2010
Jerry (J.D.) White
JoDee Collins-Newcomb
Jodi Emtman
John Abrams
John Holland
John V. Dovey
Jollee Baker
Juli (Hanson) Walker
Julie (Corbit) Barney
Julie (Posakony) Cox
Julie (Schneider) Reed
Justin Brunson
Kathy (Alley) Payne
Kathy DesChane Keelean
Kathy Jones aka Yvonne Taylor
Kathy Valdez
Kelly (Gaines) Franklin
Kendal S. Becker
Kelly (Harris) Wheeler
Kevin Winkelman
Kim (Carter) Rizzo
Kim O'Donnell
Kris Gustafson
Kris (Houghan) Hatfield
Kristi Spink Rainey
Lance Snowhite
Larry Guffey, Jr.
Linda (Tompkins) Patrterson
Lew Biddlecome
Lorenda Ward
Lori Layne Avery
Margaret Vandenberg
Mark Borgeson
Mark Mowery
Mark Oens
Mark Ward
Mark Raymond Wildung
Mary (Bacon) Anderson
Mechelle (Ellis) Vandervert
Melissa (Fermanich) Swan
Mendi (Pearson) Everett
Myrna (Gentle) Adams
Pamela Rae Wood
Patty Bensel
Patti (Green) Grow
Patty Broderick Arnold
Paul Black
Paul Krueger
Peder Golberg
Piper (Peterson) Evans
Randy Jarrell
Renae Rust
Richard Bricker
Robyn (Friesz) Echols
Ryan Dodd
Sandy (Stone) Plyant
Scott Frick
Shawn Johnson
Shannon (Chapman) Davari
Shelley (Williams) Robillard
Sheree (Smith) Choules
Sherri Cross
Stephanie Bender
Stuart Heltne
Susan N. (Dingee) Stevenson
Suzanne "Suzie" (Buel) McGlynn
Suzanne (Speer) Barnes
Terence "Terry" Artz
Todd Walker
Todd Wilson passed away August 9, 2017
Tony Valdez
Tony White (Dahl)
Torry Webb
Veronica (Alford) McGlothan
Tracie (Dunham) Stephenson
Tracy (Jerome) Dorr

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